But I Just Want to See the House

Due to the popularity of technology allowing consumers to search for property for sale online, real estate professionals are frequently contacted to schedule a showing by potential buyers with whom they have no prior relationship. This creates awkward moments sometimes as REALTORS® encourage the meeting of potential buyers at the office first, for safety reasons, but potential buyers want to meet at the property, instead. More and more often we hear stories on national news about attacks on real estate professionals while they hold an open house or meet someone for the first time at a property. Increasingly, brokers are starting to require that their agents meet a potential buyer at the office, or another public place, first, to obtain identification and any other pertinent information before visiting a property as a matter of office policy.

REALTORS® have a wealth of information to share with consumers that will streamline the buying process, make the qualification process smoother and identify the steps in the process where misunderstanding can often occur. Let the professionals do their jobs and get to know you a little on the front end by starting the process in a professional atmosphere. Don’t be offended when a REALTOR® won’t run out and meet you at a house when you haven't had any preliminary conversations about the buying process. An individual wanting to harm a real estate agent is not likely to agree to a meeting at the office, much less to provide a copy of their driver's license and discuss real estate. On the other hand, an actual potential buyer will understand that the desire to look at property for sale is only part of a professional business relationship that starts in a business environment.

Central Mississippi REALTORS® encourages its members to stay safe by requiring potential buyers to C.I.T.O. (Come Into the Office) where professional business services begin.