The Reality of Reality DIY

Thoughts of remodeling your home can spark fantastic ideas, such as tearing down walls creating an open floor plan or replacing an old linoleum floor in the kitchen or bathroom. While many of these types of projects can add value to your home, they can also have unforeseen monetary or health-related consequences that shows on television channels like DIY and HGTV generally fail to mention.

An open floor plan can really open a house up allowing a family to share space while each member does their own thing. Additionally, an open floor plan can add a connection to your outdoor living space, create a more spacious atmosphere, allow for more natural light, provide the ability to entertain guests, and allow parents to keep a closer eye on children for a safer living area.

Although there are many upsides to having an open floor plan, there can be hidden monetary expenses involved in its creation. Walls can have electrical wiring, plumbing, or it may be a load-bearing wall. Some of these things are not quick and easy to change, and you are better off hiring a professional to deal with it at the outset than requiring a professional to clean up after a mistake.

Likewise, replacing kitchen and bathroom flooring is a great way to update the home and add warmth. There are many options available such as vinyl planks and ceramic tiles. Laying vinyl planks is not difficult. Nor is laying ceramic tiles. Watching videos online can teach you the proper method for cutting planks and tiles and how to correctly space tiles.

However, if you want to remove the old flooring first instead of putting down another layer, there can be health-related issues of which you should be aware. Many types of old vinyl flooring used an asbestos backing to block moisture, add durability, and create better adhesion. Grabbing that old flooring by a loose edge and ripping it up can release asbestos particles into the air creating a health hazard. There are kits you can purchase to test old flooring for asbestos, but it may be better to hire a professional and ensure a safer environment for yourself and your family.

While not all DIY home projects are difficult or create health hazards, some do. It can be better to err on the side of caution and hire a professional. Many times, your REALTORĀ® will know trustworthy professionals that can hang or repair sheetrock, change out flooring, install a new shower or toilet, and repair heating and air conditioning.