About This Site


BuyInMississippi.com is a site engineered, by BuyInMississippi.com, LLC, to offer the most accurate and reliable listing information about properties for sale in the State of Mississippi to Mississippi consumers.


BuyInMississippi.com, LLC began as a joint venture (co-owned) by the Jackson Association of REALTORS®, now Central Mississippi REALTORS®, in Jackson, Mississippi and the Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS® in Nesbit, Mississippi.  The website was developed by the two Associations to bring to the public a single source of the most current and accurate real estate listings from across the state.

The initial goal of BuyInMississippi.com was to include listings from every Association in Mississippi, making it the premiere location for anyone looking for property, at no cost to REALTORS® or the public.  Viewers of property on BuyInMississippi.com will see property with the listing company and agent information provided to send the viewer directly to the original source of the listing.  

While the mission of BuyInMississippi.com has not changed, in 2017, Central Mississippi REALTORS® liked the idea of transforming BuyInMississippi.com into something new.  Not only should it provide the capability to search for properties, but it should also contain news and information related the entire Mississippi housing market.  With that initiative in mind, Central Mississippi REALTORS® bought out the Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS®' stake and set monies aside to rebuild the site from the ground up.  


This site utilizes advertising in an attempt to recover the costs associated with keeping this site online as well as to cover upgrades and maintenance.