How To Buy a Home

Begin by cleaning up your credit report

You should start this process several months before you start looking for a house.  Start at where you can get 1 free copy yearly of your credit report from each of the three reporting agencies.  Check it closely for inaccuracies and be sure to contact the agency with any corrections.  These corrections can take a while to get fixed, so it's important that you begin early.

Speak with a mortgage consultant and get pre-qualified

A mortgage consultant can help you determine how much you can afford.  They can provide pre-qualification documentation that will allow a REALTOR® to better assist you with housing in your price range.  You want to make sure you don't over-extend yourself by getting into a home you cannot afford.

Look for homes in your price range

Search for homes in the area in which you wish to live and in your price range.  Once you have some houses selected, be sure to contact a REALTOR® who will be able to let you into the houses you wish to see.  If you have children, be sure to do research on schools your children will be attending.


Once you have chosen a few homes you want to see, find yourself a REALTOR®.  A REALTOR® comes with experience in searching for homes and will be able to locate more houses like the ones you have selected.