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Who Is the Voice for Real Estate?

posted: 10/02/2018

When you have real estate questions, who is your source for accurate information? Some may respond that those public websites that do a lot of TV advertising are the source for all things real estate; but can that be true? All real estate is local and only local experts can advise on the value, trends, and economic development of a particular market.

Did you know that those large public websites that boast estimates of property value or price are basing their information on mathematical formulas and algorithms, not on comparable sold data? Mississippi is one of thirteen states where entering real estate transactions into public records is not required. Without having comparable sold information as a source for comparison and without the knowledge gained from actually being inside the properties, those large public websites' "estimates" of property value are not of much use.

On the other hand, REALTORS® have access to actual current comparable sales. Further, they know the neighborhoods. They also know every step in the processes involved in a real estate transaction from beginning to end. REALTORS® are “The Voice for Real Estate.” Take advantage of their expertise when deciding to sell or buy a property.

If you want to know what’s really going on in the local real estate market, ask a REALTOR® for a copy of the latest Market Heartbeat. It can be found on the Central Mississippi REALTORS® website at

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